About us

We do natural and simply-composed snacks, differently.

Our mission

To create a new and better snacking category called ‘your everyday snack’ with you and your everyday at its very core

Our inspiration is your everyday

We offer natural and simply-composed better-for-you snacking products build to support your everyday. Change happens at every little decision which is why we celebrate the everyday journey. It´s about doing a little better every single day.

Our products are simply made to support your everyday by offering you a trust-worthy and convenient snacking option designed for everyday situations to help you on your everyday journey.


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"We founded The Organic Crave to change the way people snack by offering truly better-for-you snacking products with a clear focus on clean ingredients to develop highly unique snacking products designed around the everyday life."

CEO, Rafael De Souza Andersen

Our brand

The Organic Crave is a new brand located in Denmark, but available in multiple countries. We created The Organic Crave as a response to a broken snacking industry that uses cheap and artificially fabricated ingredients. We wanted to offer you products that you understand and with a clear goal: To support your everyday goals, situations and moments. 

A truly better-for-you snacking option that you understand.

So when you see that distinct pink brand color of The Organic Crave, you simply don´t have to worry about what´s inside. We already did the thinking taking your health and your everyday into consideration. Snack freely every day completely guilt-free!

We did the thinking, so you don´t have to worry about what’s inside. It´s not a trend, it´s evidence

Our products

The 'Just enough' principle

We design our products based on our own-defined ‘just enough’ principle. Snacking is about getting the right nutrients while satisfying your crave at the same time. We do our very best to lower the amount of sugars and fats while still ensuring great taste and also making the products highly functional. Of course within using artificial sweeteners to do so. We don´t compromise on health as we don´t compromise on taste.

Our products

Always organic

Our products are always organic, because we believe that it's the easiest way of communicating and promoting clean label. It´s important for us that you as the consumer understand the ingredient list of our products. We just love simple and understandable recipes while our expertise enables us to design snacking products with strong purpose.

Our products

Designed for your everyday!

We offers natural and simply-composed better-for-you snacking products built to support your everyday, every day. We know that It´s about the journey and not the goal itself. So if we can support you on your everyday journey by offering understandable better-for-you snacking product, we have succeded with The Organic Crave.