About us

We don´t fight your cravings. We embrace them by giving you better snacks.

Our mission

The Organic Crave is here to take the guilt out of snacking, with snacks you can trust.

Crave more!

Snacking is broken. It’s either convenience or nutrition. It’s naughty and tasty or healthy and boring. It’s all or nothing. It’s you telling yourself to stop every time you reach out for that bag of chips. It’s your friend giving you that totally judgy look. It’s cheat day.

At The Organic Crave, our purpose is to change the way the world craves. Inspired by the Nordic word "kræve”, which means to demand your right, our ambition is to encourage people to embrace their crave and push the snack industry towards a new normal.


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"This is the new normal"

CEO, Rafael De Souza Andersen

Our brand

The Organic Crave is a Danish snack brand on a mission to change how the world craves. Created as a response to a careless snacking industry that uses cheap and artificial ingredients, we offer products that you understand, made from real, nutritious ingredients.

Next time you see that pink packaging: snack away. We won’t judge. On the contrary, we help you embrace you crave, with snacks that are better for you.


Our snacks

Made with real, nutritious food

To take the guilt out of snacking, we need to take the crap out of snacks. That means no artificial ingredients, and wayyy less fat and sugar. Our products are easy to understand, made from organic, nutritious and delicious ingredients.